Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What happened to you?!?!

Hello readers,

Yes it's been a million years since I posted anything on this blog. Mainly because 2008 has been head down bum up working away in the salt mines of the Australian Audio Post Industry. It's been a great year for work, but sadly not much else. For those interested in what I have been doing check out www.leonhorrockssound.com

I am now on my xmas break so more time for spending time with the lovely wife, dusting off the synths, writing some toons, sampling some new beers (of course) and generally living life. Of course the next few days will be full of running around for xmas, but the payoff is heaps of goodies and free food.

Anyway I plan to get more active on the Blog, which means the return of Beer of Week, What I'm Reading, and other favourites.

Stay tuned! (I promise I will be back soon).

Leon of Leichhardt

It's a Coopers Pale Ale, my current "standard issue pub beer".