Monday, May 29, 2006

Where I Live

I live in Sydney, Australia. And here is a photo of Sydney harbour at dusk I snapped a while ago. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Beer of the Week

This week I had a nice dark German beer called Franziskaner. Very dark and malty. Lovely. Had two. You can drink one at Una's in Sydney, or like me, drink two!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Year so far

Quick update to say I'm alive and kicking. The year is progressing OK. Although with a third of it already gone, it seems like it's going by in flash.

Wedding plans are progressing. With five months to go it seems very close now, with lots still to do, so we're going to be busy with that.

Work wise I'm busy, and so are quite a few other people, so things seem to be OK. Aussie's are a tough bunch. We'll be OK.

Musically the band I play in is kind of in limbo for various reasons, but that's OK. we all needed a break. Still I hope to play live again soon. Really missing it. Been writing a lot, so some electronics should see light of day soon. Also been doing a bit of music for picture so that's all good.

Beers wise, been digging Cascade Premium and Carlton Draught.

Travel wise. Nothing for a while, but the end of the year will be busy in that regard.

That's it for now, keep reading! Will be more stuff soon.