Monday, December 04, 2006

Marie and Leon and the London Housing Conumdrum

It's been that time in our lives again over the last three weeks. The dreaded accomodation search in London. Due to some fit of insanity we thought, let's stay in London and work after our honeymoon for a few months. Fine in theory. Not so easy in practice. The working part is fine. We are both employed. Getting settled is another matter.

When we arrived we were very graciously put up in the flat of my good mate Peter, who has been a lifelong friend and a great bloke, also the MC at my wedding. Problem is Peter and his lovely wife Kathryn only have a one bedroom place now. So it would be to crammed for us to stay a long period, so we needed to find out own pad. I thought this would take a day. it took two weeks. We eneded up staying with peter for a month, way longer than Marie wanted to inconvinence our friends. But that's London when flat hunting. It's a nightmare. From seeing things way to dear, to way too small, to place in war zones, to places in busy roads, the searc went on and on. Unlike Sydney, price is no indicator of quality, and it can be a complete lotttery no matter what budget you set. After three weeks of madness we finally moved into the place we chose and despite a few niggles it seems to be going OK.

I'll post some piccies soon, and hopefully this blog will start to see some tales from wintery London very soon.