Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So now I am back from work, and will be up for a few hours. Just finished a nice glass of Lowenbrau. Marie has gone to bed as she has to be up early. It's 11:20pm and this is the life of Leon at the moment. Up round 9am. Start work round 1 to 3pm until 9 or 11pm then home. Been like this for the last 6 weeks or more. Quite a weird lifestyle. Currently listening to some Klaus Schulze sequences which are mellowing me out. Amazing how he can just sit on a sequence for 20 minutes and gets away with it... Been quite tired today, think I won't last much past midnight. Start work at 5pm tomorrow so will get the day with Marie. BTW also happy the Socceroos didn't lose their world cup qualifier game in China. A win and three points would have been nice, but one point will do for now.


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