Monday, July 09, 2007

Beer of the Week

This weeks beer of the week comes from a few weeks back. It's a Coopers Dark Ale. This is an Australian beer. But don't hold that against it, it's actually up there with some of the best euro beers. It's a dark ale and very, very tasty. First discovered on tap at a pub in Camperdown called the Hampshire, and recently bought in bottle format. Highly recommended.

Hello World!

This is pretty much all I've been seeing in the last few weeks. Computer keyboard. Been pretty busy starting off wedding video, mixing some music from last year (which should turn up on the podcast in a week or two), and then starting a long drama job making all the sound effects, including some of a comet flying through space and hitting the earth, and then other work on top of that. Been pretty full on. Hopefully should have some more time for the odd blog entry. Beer of the week will be back soon! LOL. TC